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Much is written about the rebound of Detroit’s downtown and midtown,  By all accounts they are thriving.     But the transformation of neighborhoods is lagging behind.     However there are success stories,  Detroit 2020 reporter Brad Galli found an area of Hamtramck and Detroit that is thriving and immigrants are the engine of it’s success.

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Detroit 2020 team member Chuck Stokes moderates a panel discussion on diversity at the Detroit Homecoming Event.

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GM’s CEO Mary Barra made big news at the Detroit Homecoming.   GM will be building a new, high end Caddilac model at the their Hamtramck Assembly plant.

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Pulitzer prize winner and Detroit 2020 Insider Stephen Henderson talks about the Detroit Homecoming

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The second day of the Detroit Homecoming event featured big names with big money.       Mayor Duggan spoke to the power brokers, telling them streetlights, blight removal and population growth are high on the list of things he’s trying to fix.

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Detroit is rolling out the welcome mat for some of the most successful people who’ve ever called our city home.   This 3 day event, called the Detroit Homecoming aims to get them, their expertise, and their investment money to be part of Detroit’s future.  Reporter Simon Shakhett was there for the invitation only kickoff event.

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DETROIT (WXYZ) – The Second Hispanic Heritage Day Celebration was held at Ford Field on Thursday. It was sponsored by Ford Motor Company, the four Michigan-area Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council, and the Minority Business Development Agency. The event brought together Hispanic Americans making an impact in metro-Detroit and around the country.  Some national leaders… Read more »

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Detroit 2020 Inspire award winner Quanna Fish believes the root of all social problems is the lack of strong fathers in the home, and he plans to do something about it.    He has started a group dedicated to helping fathers step up and be the best they can be.   He’s putting his words into action this weekend, reaching out with… Read more »

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The new downtown Red Wings arena is on track, and Olympia Entertainment want to make sure Detroit based businesses are getting their share of work on the project.    To reach that goal they are holding networking meetings with big and small local contractors.    Reporter Brad Galli talked to Detroiters who are happy to have a seat at the table. if… Read more »

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The Heidelberg Project is known worldwide, but another art installation in formerly abandoned Detroit houses is getting new attention. Detroit 2020 Photojournalist John Ciolino visited Treasure Nest Art Installation on Detroit’s East side. The Treasure Nest is located on Moran Street right off the Davidson Freeway. To read more:

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