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Unabashed Detroit booster Dan Gilbert sits down with Detroit 2020′s Carolyn Clifford to talk about Channel 7 and Detroit 2020′s new window on the heart of the city, and why vibrant neighborhoods are so important to his success.

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DETROIT (WXYZ) – Sixty-six years after WXYZ-TV Channel 7 flickered to life on TV sets across southeast Michigan from its first Woodward Avenue studio in Detroit, the station is expanding its operations with a new, highly visible studio in the heart of downtown. The glass-enclosed, outward-facing studio will be located inside the ground-floor lobby of Chase Tower at 611 Woodward… Read more »

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Photo from Detroit is a worldwide fascination,  much is written about our problems as well as our emerging solutions.   The latest international take on Detroit appears on the BBC’s website.    Their travel section just published an account of a brew lover biking thru our city.   Here’s a portion: Detroit’s story is far from simple, with gut-wrenching… Read more »

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You first met Reverend Alonzo Bell back in April when we presented him the 2014 Detroit 2020 Act Award for his Redeem Program on Detroit’s East Side.    When we stopped for an update we found setbacks, but plenty of progress.  They are them still cleaning after the recent record rain caused flooding in the old school that they are turning… Read more »

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DETROIT (WXYZ) – Volunteers powered the 4th Annual Detroit 2020 – Habitat for Humanity Detroit  BuildUP to great success.   Detroit 2020′s own Alica Smith assembled a crew of nearly 100 social media volunteers, members of our Community Action Team and WXYZ  /WMYD Reporters, anchors and others.   All gave up their Saturday morning to make a difference in their community…. Read more »

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When Zak Pashak decided to make a bike for the rest of us, he choose Detroit as the name, and the place to build them.   Pashak  says  the bike industry focuses on making fancy touring bikes, leaving commuters and other non-athletes without good options.    With this in mind built his “strong, simple and relatable” Type A model Detroit… Read more »

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(WXYZ) – Fernando Palazuelo, the man who bought the old Packard Plant in Detroit, says developing real estates is like war – you have to know going in if your plan to win or lose is going to work. And for him, there’s no such thing as defeat. So, while many people questioned the wisdom of buying the long neglected… Read more »

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Our Detroit 2020 reporting initiative, the 7 blocks project continues all this week. Carolyn Clifford introduces you to a survivor, and her mentor in city council district 7 Glenda Lewis visits with a family business that is determined to not only survive, but grow in council district 4 In council district 5  Anchor Vic Faust went past the hot mid-town… Read more »

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You see a lot of news stories about the state of Detroit. Much of that reporting is about the high profile downtown and midtown areas. But, some say the heart of Detroit, the neighborhoods,  are  ignored by those telling the story of the city. That concern led to our newest Detroit 2020 reporting initiative, we call it the Detroit 2020… Read more »

02 June 2014 | no comments | Featured, Places

Day 2 The Mackinac Policy Conference highlights Our 2020 Insider Stephen Henderson tells why you should be paying more for your water Detroit’s Emergency Manager Kevin Orr lists his bankruptcy accomplishments so far Stephen Clark says if Mackinac is the Great Gatsby, an alternative policy conference is more like Woodstock.

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