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Detroit 2020 is a WXYZ commitment to address the challenges facing the region.  We will work side by side with our communities to listen, talk and take action.  Our goal is to unify, inspire change and help make Detroit a better place to live, work and raise families.

The 2020 Team:

Ed Fernandez, WXYZ-TV Vice-President & General Manager: As a passionate Michigander, and one who came back to the area after being gone for seven years, I truly love the people, the places and the spirit of this region.    I can’t think of a better time and place than to be in Detroit right now.   We have an opportunity and responsibility to do whatever we can to bring Detroit back to the prominent place it belongs.  Detroit 2020 is a special initiative that I believe can unify our community, inspire innovation and get people to act for the benefit  of the community.  It’s time we all set aside our own self interest and work toward a greater good.  I’m very blessed to work with such a dedicated and talented team of people at WXYZ and we ask all of you to come join us to write the vision of Detroit and the region as we venture toward the most important decade in Detroit’s history….toward Detroit 2020!


Glenn Bar, Executive Producer: Welcome to Detroit 2020!  I’ve been involved in daily newsgathering in Detroit for the past 24 years and have been here for some big stories.  Now I want to be here for the biggest story of all—Detroit’s comeback.  Detroit 2020 is a major commitment by WXYZ-TV.  We’ll take a unique look at the top issues facing our area–issues that affect you and me.  I’m hoping you’ll be inspired.

Donella Crawford, Producer: I was born in Dayton, Ohio and went to school near Chicago, but I’ve spent my entire adult life in the Detroit region.  In fact, I’ve worked at WXYZ for more than 30 years.  So, this is home.  I am really looking forward to my assignment as a producer of Detroit 2020.  It’s a great job for someone who has covered the area for decades and watched the changes that have re-shaped our region.  Southeast Michigan is on the road to recovery and through Detroit 2020 I hope to be able to take you along on that journey.  It will require all of us working together to make our area great again.   The year 2020 is right around the corner…so let’s get started.

Dave LewAllen, Reporter: Joining the Detroit 2020 team is an exciting next step in my career at Action News. I’ve been privileged to meet some terrific people and work on many great stories over the years. I look forward to turning my focus to the issues and challenges that face the region as part of our Detroit 2020 initiative.