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Bill Pulte’s Detroit Blight Authority announces two new projects in Brightmoor community

January 20 2014 | no comments


The blight fight is moving to the next level in Brightmoor.

Detroit 2020 was on hand, as Detroit Blight Authority Chairman Bill Pulte gave Senator Carl Levin a first-hand look at the dramatic transformation taking place.

14 blocks of brush have been cleared in the northwest Detroit community since the middle of last year.

And Monday, Pulte announced two new projects to create one large blight-free zone..totaling 35 blocks..extending from Outer Drive to the Jeffries Freeway.

His plan is to knock down 67 vacant homes within a month.

“35 city blocks is huge, so if we can get it done right I think we’ll have something we can show the federal government,” Pulte told Detroit 2020.

Senator Levin came away convinced…this is a plan that’s working.  “You can see the difference…the trouble with the way it’s been done, which is a house here, a house there–you may be removing 100 houses in the city, but you can’t see a difference,” he said.

Earlier this year in the Eastern Market area, the Detroit Blight Authority cleared 10 blocks in 10 days.

The cost of the new Brightmoor projects will be up to 900-thousand dollars.

Six partners, including the Skillman Foundation and Dan Gilbert will help foot the bill. The other donors are The DTE Foundation, Ajax Paving, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and the Marjorie Fisher Foundation.

“The whole idea is to get Senator Levin to see how things can be done differently…and hopefully have him be a big advocate at the federal level,” Pulte said.

Kirk Mayes, the executive director of the Brightmoor Alliance says blight removal is at the top of the list of a community-wide plan. “It really has been a truly remarkable experience to see a planning process and to see action happen at the same time, it has truly has inspired a lot of people in the neighborhood,” he told Detroit 2020.

The Detroit Blight Authority is working with the city’s building department and Mayor Duggan’s office to get approval for the project.

If all goes as planned, all 67 homes and all of the debris will be cleared by the end of May.

Click here to watch video of the Brightmoor Demostration Zone.

Click here to watch video of the Brightmoor clean-up.








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