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Project raising money to bring Old Glory back to Hart Plaza

January 10 2014 | 4 comments

soviak ff

We’re honoring a young man who noticed something missing in downtown Detroit. So he’s trying to do something about it.

Michael Soviak is launching a campaign to raise money to repair the 20 flag poles in Hart Plaza, and install new flags.

Hart Plaza is a different place in the winter.

Beyond the stillness of a cold winter’s day, there is still a feeling of emptiness.

Michael Soviak felt it.

“I believe life is missing,  I believe patriotism is missing,” Soviak told Detroit 2020.

20 tall, empty poles…that have not flown American flags for 13 years.

The city of Detroit doesn’t have the cash…so this 21 year-old student at the University of Detroit Mercy is launching the campaign.

“The city of Detroit is one of the greatest cities in the world, and you know I believe what the U.S. symbolizes is the freedom, equality and hope for all and we need to bring that back to downtown Detroit and Hart Plaza,” Soviak said.

Soviak wants to raise 60-thousand dollars for the project.  His company, the Revolution Flag Group, wants to replace the flags every three months, and maintain them for two years. “And also the installation of solar lighting on every pole to light these at night and it’ll be a beautiful sight. They’ll be lit up and they’ll be able to be seen from this side of Canada…it’ll be amazing,” Soviak said.

Soviak says it will cost about 3-thousand dollars to fix each pole inside and out, install the solar lighting, and put up a new flag.

“We’’re about a couple poles there…we’re asking that people can sponsor a flag pole as well as donate…businesses, people,” Soviak told Detroit 2020.

Last year in honor of Flag Day, Soviak donated 16 brand new American flags to the Detroit police replace the tattered ones.

Now…he wants to bring Old Glory back to Hart Plaza…

“They’re not gonna solve the problems of the city of Detroit, but I hope that it helps bring hope and that it inspires people,” Soviak aid.

So for his vision, we honor Michael Soviak as our Detroit 2020 Person of the Week.


To make a tax deductible donation, or to sponsor a flag pole, contact the Revolution Flag Group.

Click here to go to the Revolution Flag Group website or call them at 1-(866) 319-4798. 

You can also donate at any Chase Bank under the Suits For Soldiers account and by writing “Hart Plaza” on the memo line of your check.


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  1. Darlene Talley January 10, 2014

    We need more young people in our city like this young man!


  2. Matt January 12, 2014

    Wow, what a Hero. He wants to get business for his flag company. It’s getting to the point that these news casts are like sequels to Anchorman daily.


  3. Maria Papp January 12, 2014

    Where are all the comments? If you can not take criticism, do not run stories that question the intelligence of your viewers.


  4. marcia mathieux January 15, 2014

    I think it’s an awesome thing for him to take on an endeavor like this. Do we have to wait for something like 911 to happen again before we proudly fly the flag that represents our freedom? How quickly we forget. Not to mention the need for people to step forward with ANYTHING that will help Detroit.

    And as far as the people who have criticized him for this all I can say is; “REALLY??? What are you thinking???”


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