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Detroit Mower Gang now moves snow to help people who can’t help themselves

January 06 2014 | 3 comments

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On this bitterly cold day, Tom Nardone’s snow blower provides a path of necessity.

“Our goal is to help people who can’t help themselves,” said Nardone, leader of the Detroit Mower Gang, a volunteer group that has cut the grass in parks in the city of Detroit. ”

Now they’re proving to be men for all seasons.

“I got this snow blower, it does all the work, it’s fun to run, why not?” Nardone asked.

During Michigan’s three other seasons, Nardone leads the Mower Gang—a group of volunteers who cut the grass in city parks.  Detroit 2020 has featured the work they do to make Detroit a better place.

“Kids can’t mow their own playground. They can’t take care of their own swing set,” said Nardone. “These folks, they would probably like to dig themselves out but you’re 70 years old, you have dialysis, you’re not lifting a foot of snow.”

It’s a different season and a different machine but the mission is the same.

On this bitterly cold day, it was assistance for Annie, a Detroit resident and dialysis patient.  Her daughter reached out through the Detroit Mower Gang Facebook page.

“I don’t live near this woman. I wouldn’t know her, but through this process I found she really needs our help.”

Nardone says his group’s clean-up efforts will be directed toward people facing emergencies, medical treatments or doctor’s appointments they might otherwise be forced to miss.

If you’re in need of help and would like to contact the Detroit Mower Gang, click here

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  1. Terri Lynn January 6, 2014

    I think that they should get some reward for what they are doing. It’s great that they care enough about others that they would face this awful cold to help people they don’t know. I’m 62 and on disability I can’t move my car out of the garage to even get to my snow blower so I am stuck till it melts down some. I live in Milford and it may still be a few days before my subdivision gets plowed in which case they will block my driveway with even more snow so I’m not going to be able to go anywhere for a long time it looks like. Maybe someone will start a Mower Gang in the suburbs one day it’s a great idea.


  2. William January 6, 2014

    Nice to see people helping people. Need more of this in every city.


  3. Detroit 2020 January 8, 2014


    Here is a link to the Mower Gang website.

    Glenn Bar
    Detroit 2020


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