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Detroit Gems showcased in special program

December 26 2013 | 25 comments

d2020 skyline


We’ve heard from many of you who enjoyed our Detroit 2020 special, Detroit Gems.

Detroit 2020 showcased some of the Detroit Gems we told you about during 2013.

Here are the links to the stories we brought you during the special:

Scotty Simpson’s Fish & Chips, 22200 Fenkell, Detroit

Dakota Inn Rathskeller, 17324 John R, Detroit

Marcus Hamburgers, 6349 McNichols Road East, Detroit

Bucharest Grill, 2040 Park Avenue, Detroit

Honeybee Market, 2443 Bagley, Detroit

Joyview Meats, 23822 Joy Road, Redford Township

John King Books, 901 West Lafayette Blvd., Detroit

Detroit Hardware Company, 6432 Woodward Ave., Detroit

If you’d like to nominate a Detroit Gem, you can tell us about it in comment section below!






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  1. Betsy Berg Jachman December 26, 2013

    Louie’s Ham and Corned Beef in the Eastern Market Area

    Louie’s has a variety of homemade soups and fresh sandwiches and a large breakfast menu. The restaurant is always busy and the reason is the food is delicious and reasonably priced. Louie’s is well decorated and immaculately clean. The atmosphere is upbeat and it is fun to eat there. The staff is efficient and friendly. Try Louie’s and I think you will agree it is one of the best restaurants of its type – if not the best – in the Detroit area.
    I enjoyed your show and I think Louie’s would be an interesting place for you to visit.


  2. Pam Marion December 28, 2013

    loved all your Detroit gems so far Marcus is by far my all time favorite. My mom and Dad would ask me where I wanted to go for my birthday when I was small and I always said Marcus and Alinosi Ice Cream & Candy Co also on 12748 E Mcnichols Rd. but the other way from Marcus. I was 5 when we started going to both of these places and I am now 64 . Have taking my kids there and they loved it as much as I always did. sliversteins was another very cool place on 6 mile road in detroit

    Alinosi Ice Cream & Candy Co also on 12748 E Mcnichols Rd. Please check it out it is amazing


  3. GlenMiller December 28, 2013

    My all time favorite Detroit Hidden Gem would have to be Dulys Place on Vernor. I am in the Canadian military and no matter how far I travel, I always manage a trip to Detroit which always includes a trip to Dulys Place for the best Coney in the great state of Michigan.


  4. Renee December 28, 2013

    I nominate Steve Soul Food restaurant on Franklin off East Jefferson Best cabbage and Italian chicken and good red beans and rice.


  5. Robert Stokes December 28, 2013

    I would like to nominate Gonella Deli off Oakwood and Fort Street. They have the best cold cut Subs EVER,!!!


  6. Robert Stokes December 28, 2013

    Superland Market is also an excellent fresh meat market as we’ll Andy, Charlie are very good community people


  7. Ava Mullen December 28, 2013

    Please add Goodwells Natural Foods Market to your list of Detroit hometown favorites. Goodwells offers vegetarian and vegan soups, sandwiches and more. You must try the pocket sandwich and a bowl of vegan chili, it is incredibly delicous!

    418 W. Willis
    Detroit, 48201


  8. Deborah Orr December 28, 2013

    Thank You for bringing these places to our attention. We will be visiting some if not all of them now that we know they exists.


  9. Robert Stokes December 28, 2013

    Also consider Motts Hamburger off Green and fort street very good burgers


  10. carol December 28, 2013

    I’m not sure if you showcased Mike’s Ham Place on Michigan Ave and W.Grand Boulevard…they have the ” BEST” bean soup and ham sandwiches ever,this restaurant has been open over 30yrs and everything taste the same…I worked for Farmer Jack’s 30 yrs and we use to go there for lunch although I never dined in but the employees there were very friendly,so friendly to the point of waiting for me to come for get my bean soup and ham sandwich…they close at 3 o’clock..they waited in the car for me and left my order sitting on the counter inside the restaurant until I came…that’s the best service I’ve ever had anywhere and I must say this place is truly one of Detroit’s gems and should be showcased on Detroit 2020…Thank you


  11. Gloria December 29, 2013

    Hygrade Deli on Michigan Avenue, best rueben sandwiches in Town!


  12. Rob December 29, 2013

    Polish Village Cafe at 2990 Yemens (near Jos Campeau) in Hamtramck has been around for over 80 years in the basement of an old hotel. Seats are a premium, SRO is common, waits are expected.
    Polish heritage is everywhere. The food is unbelievable, that is the main reason seating is always packed.
    Sausage, kraut, schnitzel, perogies, many homemade soups, the menu is old world and extensive.
    Plan on a two hour feast, you’ll want to come back.


  13. Kathy January 1, 2014

    Pewabic Pottery is truly a Detroit gem. At 110 years old it is one of the few working historic potteries in the country today.


  14. Kathy January 1, 2014

    Pewabic Pottery is a true Detroit gem. At 110 years old, it is one of the last working historic potteries in the country.


  15. Amy Legard January 1, 2014

    I would love a little restruant named Senor Queso in Waterford,mi off cass lake road featured as a Gem! It’s personally owned by a guy whose dream it’s been to open up a taco shop. They offer a small menu but everything is homemade fresh and delicious. The tacos are a signature item and addictive! Good atmosphere, good people and authentic amazing Mexican yummyness!


  16. tallat zawaideh January 1, 2014

    Coolidge cafe on 9 mile and Coolidge
    best omelet in town its been in buisnes for 28 years


  17. Linda January 1, 2014


    I’d like to suggest another Detroit gem restaurant. It’s the Polish Village Cafe on Yeman St., in the heart of Hamtramack. There you’ll also find a line out the door as well.


  18. Crystal Moore January 2, 2014

    How about showcasing the wonderful bed & breakfast/inns in the City of Detroit:

    The Inn on Ferry Street
    234 Winder Street Inn
    Inn at 97 Winder
    Dobson House Bed and Breakfast

    Other Ideas:
    1) The Uniroyal Tire on I-94
    2)Stahls Automotive Foundation
    The History of the Homes in the Boston/Edison District
    Historical Worship Places (Westminister, First Congregational, Historic Second Baptist, The Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament
    The Living Museum of First Congregation Church


  19. Crystal Moore January 2, 2014

    How about showcasing bed & breakfast/inn
    1) The Inn on Ferry Street
    2) 234 Winder Street Inn
    3) Inn at 97 Winder
    4) Dobson House Bed and Breakfast

    Other Gems:
    1) Stahls Automotive Foundation
    2) Historic Places of Worship (First Congregational, Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Westminster, etc.)
    3) The Living Museum at First Congregational Church
    4) The History of the Boston/Edison District
    5) The College for Creative Studies
    6) Highlight neighborhood gems: Sherwood Forest/Palmer Park/Woods, Indian Village/West Village, Rosedale Park, East English Village, The Berry Historic Sub Division (home of the Manoogian Mansion)
    7) Pewabic Pottery
    8) Detroit Eastside Canal Tours also there is a private drive with houses on the streed located on the east side of Detroit near Maheras Gentry Park. The private drive is also a canal.


    Crystal Moore Reply:

    Also I forgot the Uniroyal Tire on I-94


  20. Paul Markou January 12, 2014

    You must visit The Roma Cafe at Riopelle and Erskine in the eastern market district.
    Detroit’s oldest family run Italian restaurant.
    The food is just great.


  21. M Henrikowski-Long January 12, 2014

    It’s not in the city limits, but a suburb of Detroit. DeLuca’s in Westland, has some of the best Italian, and pizza, I’ve had. Their cole slaw is an oil/vinegar style, and awesome! Growing up in the area, it was a regular dinner when getting together with my grandparents.


  22. Doreen January 12, 2014

    I would like to nominate “Mario’s” Italian restaurant on Second Street as a Detriot Gem”! Our family has developed a tradition of going there every Christmas and having our picture taken in front of the fireplace.
    We also go throughout the year because the food is wonderful! It is a traditional Italian restaurant with top drawer service provided by waiters dressed formally who are very attentive.
    If you have not already tried it, it is a must!


  23. Mrs. P January 12, 2014

    I’d like to nominate DONUTVILLE USA, 14829 Ford Rd. Dearborn, MI. 48126 , just east of Greenfield.

    It is a landmark donut shop in Dearborn and has been owned by the same family for almost 50 years. The business was originally started by a Dearborn police officer who then sold it to his son, the current owner. Some of the regular customers have been coming every day, in since its opening on July 4th, 1966. Prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly. The donuts are hand-cut and baked on-site, daily. Customers range from auto executives and Ford factory workers to teachers and politicians. From time to time, you may even see a Red Wing or two, stopping in for a cup of coffee, on their way to hockey practice!
    They have won several ‘Best of’ awards for both their coffee and donuts.


  24. Robert Lemke January 13, 2014

    Farmers Resturant in the Eatern Market for there Corned beef Sandwiches, or Reuben’s . The best, and know matter what everyone says, Lafayette Coney Island will always be the best!


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