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Advertising agency prepares move of 500 employees to Ford Field in early 2014

December 16 2013 | 3 comments

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Ford Field is home to the Detroit Lions and soon a major advertising agency will join the football team as tenants in the stadium.

The corporate logo for Lowe Campbell Ewald is already in place on the stadium’s exterior and inside the J.L. Hudson Warehouse portion of the complex that soon will be home to some 500 employees.  The agency’s move from Warren will take place early in 2014.

“There’s a vibrancy there and there’s an energy that you just don’t find outside of the city and that’s good for us as a creative shop, as an innovative shop,” said Mark Simon, chief creative officer of Lowe Campbell Ewald.  “You feed off that energy.”

The collaborative opportunities that will exist in the modern, open work space excite Iain Lanivich, the agency’s group digital creative director.

“We’re all working on different things and a lot of times you start to get in your own tunnel vision, of paying attention to only what you’re working on when there’s a lot to be learned from somebody that’s working right next to you,” Lainivich told Detroit 2020. “Now the new space is going to enable these connections to happen.”

Cadillac is a major client of the agency. So too, are the Lions.  The agency’s creative team came up with the Lions’ theme and video for this season, “One Detroit, One Pride.”

“The idea of ‘One Detroit, One Pride’ was always bigger than just the team,” Lanivich said. “The Lion is the only member of the cat family that hunts and defends in social packs. If we can work together as one pride then we can overcome the obstacles of both the community of Detroit and the Detroit Lions.”

The advertising agency’s roots are in Detroit. The company was formed in 1911 when Frank Campbell and Henry Ewald joined forces. Chevrolet became the firm’s first major client in 1919.

Click here to see Lowe Campbell Ewald’s “Pledge” video for the 2014 Detroit Lions.

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  1. Ryan December 20, 2013

    We need more companies moving into Detroit from out of state, not companies from the area, it’s just going to hurt the suburbs.


  2. Eric Mueller December 24, 2013

    One Detroit, one pride?!? All the catchy ad slogans in the world aren’t going to help the Lions. I hope you guys bring a new coaching staff (and a new owner) when you move in.


  3. SIRI January 12, 2014

    Let’s see how long the excitement lasts. Without a true infrastructure for mass transit, getting to and from downtown is going to be a total hassle….especially in inclement weather. Been there…done that…..NEVER again!!!


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