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Historic Detroit church to honor veterans at 50th annual service

November 08 2013 | no comments

cathedral church of st. paul ff

On November 11th, America will honor its war veterans.

Each year, a special service is held at The Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Detroit to pay tribute to all those who have served.

Sunday will mark the 50th anniversary remembrance. Dave LewAllen spoke with three veterans who help organize the event.

The 50th annual Veterans Day Service will be held on Sunday, November 10th at 4 p.m. at The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, located on 4800 Woodward Avenue, at Warren Avenue in Detroit.

Click here to go to the church’s website.



Opened in 1911, it is one of Detroit’s landmark churches, and for 50 years it has been the site of a veterans’ day service honoring the men and women who have sacrificed for our country.

“The marchers start following the bagpipe player into the cathedral…and then the organ starts filling in and it just, the music sweels and it’s just a beautiful, beautiful time,” Robert Prout, one of the event organizers said.

Prout was a navy pilot who served in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam War.  He’s chairman of the committee that plans the annual celebration.

His daughter, Abby, also helps organize the service.  She spent four years on active duty as a musician in the marine corps band.

“My favorite part is the bugler. He plays traditional taps and revillie and all sorts of bugle calls and being a musician myself, i recall all of these from our ceremonies.” (2:11:22)


Sot/saul baltimore (1:46:28) “it’s a dignified, emotional and beautiful service.” (1:46:31)


Korean war veteran saul baltimore was part of the original planning committee 50 years ago.


Sot/saul baltimore (1:49:58) “everybody owes the country something and i chose to serve in the military.” (1:50:04)


Sot/saul baltimore (1:50:27) “men and women in this country have always responded, always responded to the request for service, but then the country owes them something to give back to them for what they have given.” (1:50:47)


Sot/robert prout (2:06:36) “it’s important that we remember what a terrible thing was is and the great sacrifice that these people made to keep us free.” (2:06:44)



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