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The Public Lighting Authority of Detroit is beginning an audit of all the street lights in the city.

September 19 2013 | 1 comment

light fixtureThe huge job of turning the streets lights back on in Detroit got underway today.  Detroit 2020 was on hand when workers hit the streets.

There are reports that 40% of Detroit street lights don’t work.   Today, the new public lighting authority of Detroit began finding out exactly which lights are broken.

Workers wearing day-glo vests are going block to block to get the lights back on.


They are beginning a detailed audit of the city’s lighting fixtures.

Public Lighting Authority executive director,  Odis Jones told Detroit 2020, “A lot of the data that we have is either out of date or certainly questionable, so we’ve got to have a good basis to understand where the problem is so we know how to go about fixing it.”

They record the GPS location of each light, what the pole is made of, how tall it is and what kind of equipment is on the light.

The survey is beginning in two sections of Detroit.  Each section has about 33-hundred street lights.  One area is on the east side – bordered by Eight Mmile, Kelly Road, Hoover and Houston Whittier.  The boundaries of the west side survey area are roughly McNichols, Telegraph, Fenkell and Southfield.

Jones says they were selected because, “ They’re really high density areas.  They experience a high degree of outage with lights and also, they’re having high spikes in crime.

Deon Moore has been a victim of that crime.  He says “They need to fix it, I got robbed around the corner, it was dark and nobody seen nothing.  It’s crazy; I hope they fix the lights.”

The workers were also a welcome sight for east side resident Jack Turner, “Crime, you know, its dark, its real dark.  It’s not safe for children, elderly people

Odis Jones says that should change in just a few months, “We’re going to take the survey information that we get, we’re going to hire an engineer to design the improvements that the survey articulates need to be had and the hope is we’re going to have these two demonstration pilot areas completed by the first quarter of next year.”  That means all the lights in the area will be back on.

The workers will be back at night for the second part of the survey – to map which lights are on and which are off.

The plan is to use these two areas as test labs, take what’s learned and begin to spread out across the entire city.  But it could take three to four years before every street light is back on.

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  1. Karren Winston September 20, 2013

    Wow!!! 3-4 years!!! And this is cool??? ALL of the lights will NEVER all burn!! Make sure that engineer is not an EX PLD engineer… Cooner, Tenney, Graham and TOPOLEWSKI are the reason the entire system is junk right now… OH!!! don’t for get Moe Patel… All PLD engineers for 30 + years… Ya think they could have found a way???!!!!!! They found a way to convince Charlie Beckham, during his brief time as Director of Public Lighting, that they had the answers to lighting problems!!! Just let the Construction Field Supervisors handle the lights they convinced him… HA!! #madesoomuchmoolahyacantcountit!!! AAAhhh still no lights… :( WTF?? No worries, Beckham moves on to “champion” Dave Bing’s Mayoral campaign…… YUP… Lights and a historical City Department forfeited for personal satisfactions!!!! #RT!!


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