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Our Persons of the Week unify hundreds of people each week for a bike ride

September 06 2013 | 1 comment

pow-hall and mackool-2

Each week on the streets of Detroit, hundreds of people gather for an event unifying people from all around the area.

And the two men behind it are our Detroit 2020 Persons of the Week..

It started as an idea to bring a few friends together for a leisurely bike ride.

Now every Monday night, Jason Hall and Mike MacKool of Detroit Bike City lead hundreds of people on a ride through the city. There’s a different route every week.

“Once we started to get out and realized how we were connecting with the community and the people, it took a whole different route and became about that,” Hall told Detroit 2020.

“We go at a very slow pace…we pride ourselves on having a diverse group of abilities,” MacKool told us.

“It gets more people to come to the city to see how much fun we are having,” said Rose McCall, a first-time slow roller from Detroit.

The Slow Roll goes through neighborhoods, and passes buildings old and new.

“There’s a renaissance in the city and I think people want to see that and be a part of it,” Hall said.

“If you want Detroit to survive and thrive, you’ve really got to show people the street level life,” MacKool told Detroit 2020.

For bringing people together and giving them an up close look at their city, we honor Jason Hall and Mike MacKool as our Detroit 2020 Persons of the Week.

Click here for details on upcoming Detroit Bike City slow rolls.

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  1. Jenn Johnson September 9, 2013

    This is an awesome story! Kudos to Jason and Mike!


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