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Detroit Bike City Slow Roll

September 03 2013 | no comments

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Detroit may be the Motor City…but one night a week, it belongs to the bikes.

Hundreds of people of all ages—from all walks of life—taking a unique tour of Detroit.

This is the Slow Roll.

The event was started by Jason Hall and Mike MacKool, co-founders of Detroit Bike City.

“We want to show people the rich history that exists in the city,” Hall told Detroit 2020.

Each week, there’s a 12 to 15 mile tour through Detroit neighborhoods.

“I think people need to understand that they can be comfortable, they’re safe, and there’s actual community that exists within the city,” Hall said.

Hall says the first Slow Roll drew about 10 riders.  One night this year, they had 1,200.

“Word of mouth really spread, it really just took off, and this year I mean it was almost crazy how fast it happened,” MacKool told Detroit 2020.

On this warm night, the tour started in Midtown, cycled through neighborhoods like the North End and Boston Edison, and ended back where it began.

Kyle and Chassell came from Wixom.

“It’s going down and getting the feeling of Detroit, seeing areas you don’t get to see,” Kyle Sutton told us.

“It’s nice to come to the city city and feel safe and be around lots of people,” Chassell Habermehl said.

This was the first Slow Roll for Rose McCall of Detroit. Her sister invited her along. “She kept telling me about the fun that she had been having on Mondays going on the slow roll so I said I guess I have to buy a bike to try it out,” McCall said.

Some of them don’t know a soul when they show up. But they make new friends. All thanks to the slow roll.

“All you have to do is slow down a little bit and you met somebody else. The social aspect of this thing is amazing,” Hall said.

And there’s another benefit.  It’s getting people to move into the city.  Hall says about five people who have been on the ride this summer now live in Detroit. “We want to repopulate the city and bring people back to the community,” Hall told us.


Click here to see the upcoming list of Slow Rolls from the Detroit Bike City website.





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