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Car thieves caught on surveillance

August 26 2013 | no comments

Car Theft

As Detroit police announce a new crackdown on carjackings in the city, there is real concern over car thefts in an area of northwest Detroit.

7 Action News reporter Dave LewAllen shows you car thieves caught on video and just how quickly they are able to strike and be gone:

It happened in the light of day.

“About 9:45 or so, i was sitting on my back porch drinking coffee,” Bert Sawyers told Detroit 2020.

That’s when he heard a crashing noise.

A friend’s Ford Edge, parked in the driveway, had become a target of car thieves.

His partner then springs into action—and the late model, white Cadillac SUV pushes the vehicle out of the camera’s view–and right out of the neighborhood.

In this case—the car was found—and in less than hour’s time—in this alley off greenfield—a little over a mile from where it was stolen. Not surprisingly–the wheels were gone.

Car thefts and auto break-ins are on the rise in the Grandmont-Rosedale communities.

Recently, Detroit 2020 accompanied Muhsin Muhammad, who leads the citizen patrol.

“30 seconds to three minutes, and they’re in the home or they’re in the vehicles.  They take what they want and then leave and sometimes they take the vehicles,” Muhammad said.

And the numbers overall in Wayne county are staggering.

14,880 auto thefts occurred here in 2011, according to statistics compiled by Michigan State Police. That was down from over 16-thousand the year before.

The totals far exceed neighboring counties.

In 2011, Macomb county had 2,200 auto thefts. Numbers in Oakland county came in at just under 2,000.

Rosie Sawyers finds solitude working in her backyard garden during the summer—but reality has a way of shattering that peacefulness. “I’m a retired cop so i’m not really afraid. It angers me, in fact when they drove over my lawn just to get my girlfriends car, it made me angry and it’s frustrating,” she told Detroit 2020.

“I think they’ll be caught eventually if they haven’t already been. Sooner or later they’ll mess up. Somebody’ll catch up,” Bert Sawyers said.



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