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Candy classics to satisfy your sweet tooth

August 19 2013 | no comments

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They’re sweet tooth delights…and many of them go way back.

At the Macomb Candy Company, the shelves are filled with hard-to-find favorites like Swizzle Sticks, wax lips, fangs, Banana Splits, Squirrels, nut chews and Mary Janes.

“They come in and they’re quite surprised that we still have things like that available,” Sandra Zanella tells Detroit 2020. Zanella is the store’s co-owner.

“We do a lot of business with sweets tables, a lot of people coming in for parties and weddings,” Zanella said.

Sandy’s father opened the original store back in 1952.  Necco wafers were popular then—and they’re still available at the Macomb Candy Company.

For years now, Sandra and her husband, Michael, have been running the business. “When I started here, a box of Hershey bars was 85 cents.  Today, they’re over 22 dollars, so it gives you an idea of how the industry has changed,” Michael said.

Need something easier on the budget? Some newer candies are big sellers.

“Fruities. Fruities are very, very popular.  We have about 11 different flavors. And they are very inexpensive,” Sandra told us.

Tootsie Rolls? They’re still a favorite after all these years.

“There’s nothing in this building we sell that people need. And what we do sell is fun,” Michael said.

“If you can’t have a good day in the candy business maybe you should think about something else for a living, ‘cause that’s what we sell, we sell fun,” he added.

The Macomb Candy Company is located at 21411 Gratiot in Eastpointe.


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