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Our Person of the Week unifies a community through an urban garden

August 16 2013 | no comments

sylvia ff

Our Detroit 2020 Person of the Week helped create a garden with hundreds of shipping crates donated by General Motors. It’s a garden that feeds a community.

An old parking lot…

Bins once used for auto parts…

An unlikely combination.

But they’re what make one of Detroit’s largest gardens so unique.

Welcome to the Cadillac Urban Gardens in southwest Detroit.

“The garden was planted in May 2012 for the first time,” said Sylvia Gucken, who helped create the garden.

A little more than one year later, something magical is happening here.

Gucken works just across the street, as the assistant to the chairman at The Ideal Group.

“If we take care of the community, the community will take care of us,” Gucken told Detroit 2020.

Sylvia is the driving force behind the Cadillac Urban Garden.

It provides free fruits and vegetables to the community.

In fact, 24 hundred vegetables and herbs are planted here.

And it’s made possible by volunteers who so far this year have put in 45- hundred hours.

Christopher Lara, a 14 year-old student from nearby Detroit Cristo Rey—is one of them.

“She’s taught me things about the garden, things about the business, things about my social life, if I can improve on,” he said.

“I used to be a teacher and I think I’m still a teacher—and when someone is learning and growing and developing a position, that’s the real joy of the garden,” Gucken said.

For bringing a community together…we honor Sylvia Gucken as our Detroit 2020 Person of the Week.

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