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Volunteer Opportunity: ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Day is this Saturday

August 01 2013 | no comments

One of the city’s biggest annual volunteer events takes place this Saturday, August 3rd…and it’s not too late to sign up to get involved!

It’s the 7th annual ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Day.

Thousands of people will be taking part in community service and improvement projects all around the city.

There will be festivals, educational events, cleanup projects, gardens planted, and numerous other volunteer initiatives bringing together local businesses, Detroit residents and suburbanites. More than 30 churches and faith- based institutions will participate, along with numerous block clubs, community organizations and small businesses.

“It’s quite clear from the community response that Detroit still has a strong heart and hope is alive in the Motor City despite the many challenges that have been well chronicled as a result of the city’s bankruptcy,” said Luther Keith, executive director of ARISE Detroit! “We want the nation and the world to see this engaged, hopeful and committed side of Detroit in neighborhoods all over the city on August 3rd.”


Click here for information on how you get involved in Neighborhoods Day from the ARISE Detroit! website.





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