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Our Person of the Week inspires his community

July 12 2013 | no comments


It’s the motto of Detroit 2020.

And it’s something our person of the week embodies every day.

As Mark Covington walks through the community garden he created, he looks back on a day that changed his life.  It was the day he lost his job.

Covington moved back home to his old neighborhood on Georgia Street on the east side…and began cleaning up some empty lots.

“I decided that if I plant some flowers and plant some vegetables, that maybe they wouldn’t dump on it,” Covington told Detroit 2020.

Today, corn, tomatoes, peppers and more than a dozen other vegetables are growing on the corner…what is now the Georgia Street Community Garden.

It’s feeding a neighborhood. “Now they don’t have to go to the liquor store or the gas station to buy some food,” Covington said.

Covington didn’t stop there.

There’s a farm that keeps kids involved…a park with a playscape where birthday parties and school supply giveaways are held.

And there’s a community center and library.

“We have an after-school school program that we started—they come from 3:30 to 6 when they get out of school, and we have our summer programs,” Covington said.

Mark Covington inspired a act. “We’ve got people in the neighborhood now who you didn’t see cleaning up outside of their house…they clean up outside of their house,” he said.

The Georgia Street Community Collective is now a non-profit organization.

Next on his wish list:  new windows to make the community center more inviting.

For his vision…we honor Mark Covington as Detroit 2020’s Person of the Week.

Click here to go to the Georgia Street Garden website.

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