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American Flag & Banner is a red, white and blue gem

July 01 2013 | no comments

Every year people line Main Street in Clawson for the city’s Fourth of July parade.

Every day of the year there is a patriotic presence in the community—inside the American Flag & Banner store.

“Our busiest time starts as soon as the weather breaks in the spring and people start realizing, ‘oh, we should replace our flags,’” said store owner Bill Miles.

Flags are the reason most customers shop there.

The store sells U.S. flags of all sizes. They are all American made.

 “There are flags that are made in other countries but we would only sell flags that are made in the United States and there’s four large manufacturers of U.S. flags,” Miles said.

 Annin is the largest of those companies.

The store’s top selling flag is one that adorns many homes.

“The most common is 3 by 5 foot, which would be the size that people would fly off the side of their house, or up to a 20 foot pole, they would fly a 3 x 5,” Miles said.

Miles has owned the company since 1978. They also make custom flags for people and corporations and school banners that hang in gymnasiums. The banners that decorate the rafters at the Palace and Joe Louis Arena were also made here.

In addition to selling new flags, American Flag and Banner can also keep Old Glory flying proudly. “If you have a flag and it starts to tatter at the ends, if you bring it in, we repair it,” Miles said. “You get much more use out of the flag, if it’s repaired rather than just throw it out and buy a new one, you don’t have to do that.”

Miles has owned the company since 1978. He told Detroit 2020 he’s beginning to see a new generation of people who make it a point to display their feelings for this country by flying the flag.

In downtown Clawson, American Flag & Banner is a red, white and blue gem.

The store is located at 28 South Main Street in Clawson.

Click here to go to the American Flag & Banner website.

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