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Marcus Hamburgers is classic with a twist

June 13 2013 | 2 comments

Marcus Hamburgers sits on east McNichols in an area that has seen better times.

Marcus appears to be nothing special.  But appearances can be deceiving.


Inside, the grill sizzles, the conversation flows and the staff hustles to serve the steady flow of lunch patrons.  It’s been this way since 1929.

Co-owner Mike Lozanovski says, “I keep it original as it is – that’s the unique part.”

That means waitresses work behind horse-shoe shaped counters – no tables or booths.

And while the counters and stools are round – the burgers are not.  They are rectangular … and served on hot dog buns.

Mike told us, “The rumors I hear is they bought the wrong buns and somebody invented the  hamburger to fit the bun.”

And  over the decades, the angus burgers have been made the same way.

According to Mike, “We cook them, we cut them, , we drain them, we put them in a bun.”

John Crawford has been coming for the Marcus burgers for 15 years.  He says the place is one flat screen TV away from being perfect.  But that wouldn’t be original

Thomas Marsh has been a regular for 40 years. He loves the fresh food and the friends he’s made at Marcus, “I know quite a few people come in every day. Lunch, breakfast, sometimes dinner.”

The day we visited John Meyer was having his first Marcus burger.  His job brings him to the area so he had heard the rave reviews, “For 12 years I never had enough time to come check it out.  Today I did.  It’s awesome.  I plan on coming back every time.”:

And then there’s the woman one customer called “the heart of the place,” Juanita Zajac.  She started at working there in April 1973 and she’s enjoyed being part of the Marcus Hamburgers family.

She told us, “Customers are really nice.  I’ve been through 5 owners, everyone’s treated me good.”

And she treats the customers like family.  For instance, when she sees 88-year old regular, Mr. Clark, walk toward the door, she begins setting up his favorite seat. She even knows what he’ll order.

“Today he’ll have turkey, a salad with French dressing and coffee”

That was exactly what he ordered.

As Juanita told us, “Everybody knows everybody in here.”

That’s part of what makes Marcus Hamburgers a Detroit gem.


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  1. Jake June 13, 2013

    Great place to come! I am glad this restaurant is finally having its spotlight, not very known amongst local detroiters! Stop by and taste some of the great tasting variety it has to offer!


    Lenny Reply:

    I had no idea Marcus is still around. We went to the one on Grand River by Schaefer. I can remember my mom saying “your dad called and he’s bringing home Marcus so stick around”. We stuck around. Great burger with chopped onoins and mustard. This location is East McNichols and where?


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