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Our Persons of the Week aren’t afraid to get a little dirty

May 24 2013 | no comments

In Detroit, when the going gets tough, the tough start mowing.

And this weekend, the Detroit mower gang is staging what they call the biggest, baddest mowing event ever.  For that, Detroit 2020 is naming them our Persons of the Week.


For three years, this group of volunteers on lawn tractors has given Detroit children places to play.

Their routine has been to mow the grass in one or two parks every other Wednesday.  The mower gang has made a big difference in parks and playgrounds the city no longer has the money or manpower to maintain.

Mower Gang leader Tom Nardone tells us, “I don’t really pay attention to the politics of it all, I just know the grass is long, right? That’s all the input I need.  The grass is tall, come out and mow it.”

This weekend, they’re taking things to a whole new level.  They plan to mow 24 hours straight, covering as much parkland as they can. Members will bring their own lawn tractors, push mowers, weed whackers, blowers, and work gloves.

They’ll start at nine o’clock tomorrow morning and mow at one park, then another and another.  A quick break for lunch and they’ll be back at it.

The gang will have dinner together,  maybe mow a little more,  then spend the night in their home park.

Six o’clock Sunday morning they’ll go back at it until ten o’clock.

They have sponsors donating food, beverages and equipment.  Husqvarna even provided a lawn tractor.

But it’s the time, determination, and work of the mower gang that will really make a difference all over the city.

According to Nardone, “Anything is better than nothing.  You pick up that one piece of trash you’re a hero to somebody and what I get out of it is every time we do the swing sets, every time we do the play sets, there’s always kids that come out.  It never fails that you see the result right away.”

So, for seeing a need, and meeting it, we name the Detroit mower gang our persons of the week

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