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Our Person of the Week gives back to her school

May 10 2013 | no comments

Our person of the week is someone who has unified hundreds of fellow alumni to give back to their school located on the northwest side of Detroit.


Marcy Feldman’s elementary school played a big part in her life.

Now…it’s her mission.

At a reunion, she told her former classmates at Pasteur Elementary School—it’s time to give back. “I said that’s good to get together again but why don’t we have a purpose—why don’t we do something for the kids at Pasteur,” Feldman told Detroit 2020.

From that…the school’s alumni foundation was born. “We decided we would come–we would tutor–we would read and we would do something for the kids and advocate on behalf of the kids and see what’s missing. I can’t believe in the last 16 years how much we’ve done,” Feldman said.

Marcy returns to the school every week. “I work with two preschoolers teaching them the alphabet, teaching them how to write letters, and reading them a story.”

And at the school’s career day this week, more than a dozen alumni inspired the young students.

The group also provides scholarships…buys new books for the students…and even helped send 29 kids and chaperones to Florida last year to see a shuttle launch.

And her work goes beyond the students.

“One of our parents–she was able to secure a job for…and they’re very close now,” said Pasteur principal Sharon Lawson. “She means the world to us–she has such a golden heart,” Lawson said.

Marcy loves all the memories, but it’s the future she cares about.

And for that, we honor Marcy Feldman as Detroit 2020’s Person of the Week.

The Pasteur Elementary School Alumni Foundation is the largest alumni group for a Detroit public elementary school.

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