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The Mayor of Midtown is our Detroit 2020 Person of the Week

May 03 2013 | no comments

Her face is a familiar one in Midtown.

That’s because for a quarter century Sue Mosey has been Midtown’s biggest cheerleader.

During a recent tour of the neighborhood Mosey showed us projects under construction, those on the drawing board, as well as opportunities that still exist.

She told us, “I think most people would perceive this neighborhood today as more walk-able and more interesting and more energy and that’s really important and that’s certainly getting us a long way to continuing our efforts here.”

The June opening of the new Whole Foods store is a huge win for Midtown.  It’s just one of many construction projects underway here.

People are moving into the neighborhood and Mosey expects the coming M-1 rail project to drive momentum into the future.

Mosey says, “I can sell this neighborhood, you know, to just about anybody.  I can usually get folks looking at the neighborhood differently and even if they aren’t ready to make an investment today they might be in five years and that’s important as well.”

Mosey takes the long view on development.  She says it will take another 10 to 20 years for Midtown to become a neighborhood that works for everyone.

Because of her success and “get it done” nature—some have suggested Mosey run for Mayor—but she laughs off that talk.  “No, I’m not giving up my Mayoral seat here in Midtown,” she says with a chuckle.

For helping to make Midtown more —vibrant—livable and walk-able – Detroit 2020 salutes the “Mayor of Midtown” Sue Mosey — as our Person of the Week.

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