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Downtown Detroit’s oldest men’s clothing store is cashing in on new opportunities

April 10 2013 | 1 comment

It’s a time of change in Detroit.

As the city confronts its fiscal crisis, Dan Gilbert is leading the charge to transform downtown Detroit.

And the owner of Hot Sam’s, a long-time business in the city, says it’s time to embrace the opportunity that comes with a changing Detroit.

Tony Stovall is doing just that.

Hot Sam’s is a Detroit institution.

Open for business since 1921—it’s the oldest men’s clothing store in downtown Detroit.

“One of our theme songs is, ‘we never left, we never will’, meaning, we moved from around the corner  to the new Compuware headquarters, where we’ve been here close to eight years, and its truly been a blessing to be here,” Stovall told Detroit 2020.

And business is even better for Tony Stovall and Hot Sam’s since Dan Gilbert moved thousands of Quicken Loans employees into the Compuware building.

“Once a month they bring us down 40 to 50 to 100 employees and we have a good time and they spend money and to marry a small company with a large company so it’s really been a blessing this has come to fruition but it takes work.”

In addition to meeting the needs of his clients.. Stovall also serves as president of the Detroit Black Chamber of Commerce.  And he shares his experience with everyone he meets.

“What you want to do as a business person, you want to engage in the redevelopment of a new Detroit. Instead of complaining, engage in what’s going on. If someone is developing some things in Detroit, you need to be a part of that, and that’s what our mission is at the Black Chamber is to make sure that we’re part of, involved, in whatever is going in the new Detroit,” Stovall said.

It’s certainly worked for Stovall. Robert Jones has shopped regularly at Hot Sam’s for more than 25 years. “They treat you here like, you know, this is the spot. This is where you want to come,” Stovall said.

Hot Sam’s is located at 127 Monroe near Randolph in downtown Detroit.

Click here to go to the Hot Sam’s website.




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  1. PVC Fabric April 11, 2013

    Good to see some older businesses thriving in Detroit.


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