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$3 million arts contest: Big ideas wanted!

April 08 2013 | no comments

Got a big idea for the arts in Detroit? You could win a share of $3 million to help make it become a reality.

The goal of the Knight Arts Challenge is to engage and enrich the community.

You don’t have to be an artist to enter. It’s open to anyone.

There are signs of Detroit’s burgeoning art scene all around town.

“Detroit’s been bubbling internationally as a place that people are paying attention to what’s been happening in the arts community,” Tataiana Hernandez, associate for the arts program at the Knight Foundation told Detroit 2020.

Now, there’s a chance for us to take it to the next level, thanks to the Knight Arts Challenge.

The Knight Foundation will be giving the winners a share of three million dollars.

“It’s big ideas—authentically Detroit ideas we’re looking for things that are about community—about creation and about innovation,” Hernandez said.

The Challenge started five years ago in Miami..and was then launched in Philadelphia.

“We see Detroit as being this really interesting in-between, between Miami and Philadelphia in terms of history. There’s some great, strong anchor arts institutions in this town, and there’s some incredibly innovative entrepreneurial artists, and all of them have incredibly fantastic ideas,” Hernandez told us.

The rules are simple

-The idea has to be about the arts

-The project must take place in or benefit Detroit

-Within a year, the winners need to find matching funding for the grants.

Your idea has to be 150 words or less.

The foundation has been holding town hall meetings to answer questions.

The Detroit Artists Market on Woodward has been in the city of Detroit for 80 years. The gallery’s director, Nancy Sizer, says the arts challenge is an exciting opportunity. “Everybody can get a chance to be creative-everybody can create something new–everybody can go appreciate it, and participate in something creative and exciting and artistic,” Sizer said.

The Knight Arts Challenge will be held in Detroit for three years.

In other cities each year, there’s been between 30 to 40 winners. But it could be a different number in Detroit.


Click here for more information and to enter Knight Arts Challenge Detroit.





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