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EBLI: A revolutionary new way to teach reading

March 25 2013 | no comments

A woman from Flushing whose own daughter struggled with reading has created a new way of teaching people to read.

In a classroom at the Global Educational Excellence Center in Ann Arbor, teachers and administrators have come to learn the reading magic delivered by Nora Chahbazi, a nurse-turned-reading teacher extraordinaire.


Since 1999, Nora has been sharing her wisdom about her own method of reading called EBLI, which stands for Evidence Based Literacy Instruction. It’s based on three skills readers must have according to Nora. Knowing one, two, three or four letters can spell a sound. Every sound can be spelled in different ways and letters have many sounds.

EBLI was created by Nora after her daughter who was a gifted students in math, had difficulty reading in second grade.

Nora’s other daughter, Hannah Chahbazi, who had no trouble with reading, teaches EBLI.

Nora says most people whether a child or adult, educated or not, can learn how to read within 12 hours of EBLI training.

To date, the EBLI method has been taught to thousands of teachers across the country, and more than 3,000 teachers most in Michigan have been trained by Chahbazi.

Chahbazi’s daughter who struggled with reading graduated from the honors program at Oakland University.

Learn more about EBLI! Click here to go to the EBLI website.

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