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Our Person of the Week helps women and girls achieve their dreams

March 15 2013 | no comments

The Mercy Education Project has been opening the door to a brighter future for women and girls for more than twenty years.

And its leader is Detroit 2020’s Person of the Week.


What’s taking place in this building is changing lives. The atmosphere is caring and supportive. And it’s the perfect fit for these women.

“It really is an opportunity to escape poverty and to really improve their lives,” Mercy Education Project Executive Director Amy Amador told Detroit 2020.

The Mercy Education Project offers everything from adult education to GED classes to career development help for more than 150 women and 100 girls every year.

Amy Amador is the executive director.  She, along with Sister Maureen Mulcrone started at Mercy as volunteers.

Amador was matched with a young girl who was struggling to read. “The first time you see a child read a book all the way through is really a magical moment—so from that point on I was hooked,” Amador said.

Today, Mercy has more than 120 volunteers who come in every week.

From here…some of the women go on to college…some go into the workforce…or enter job training.

“Really it’s that empowerment—that self-actualization, and it’s something that they can transfer to their children and to the next generation, and hopefully stop the cycle of poverty,” Amador said.

Amy Amador—Detroit 2020’s Person of the Week.

If you’d like to volunteer, donate, or learn more about the Mercy Education Project, click here.

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