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Detroit’s first nano-brewery to open soon

February 27 2013 | no comments

Detroit’s entrepreneurial spirit is at work in Corktown.

Inside one of the century old buildings on Michigan Avenue a new business is slowly taking shape—Detroit’s first nano-brewery.

Steve Roginson and Anthony O’Donnell are partners in the  venture.

Roginson explained what a nano-brewery is, “The kind of agreed-upon terminology is four barrels or less per batch, so every time I brew, the largest batch I will make is four barrels, or the equivalent of eight kegs, 8 and a half, half barrels.”

The business is new, but O’Donnell says the site isn’t “Actually 100 years ago, it was a bar, so we’re bringing that back.”  As well as preserving the tin ceilings–and the tile floor.

O’Donnell says, “The floors we love. They’re very rough very raw.”

“100 years of wear and tear is also very endearing and people love that. I think they like that feel.”

Roginson is taking his pitch for funding for the new venture public—with a crowd-funding campaign on the internet.  It’s a pitch with style.

Roginson says, “I’m trying to connect with people that find the idea of a small brewery in Detroit, compelling; that like the idea of rebuilding Detroit, one building at a time.”

“I think this kind of encapsulates the DIY spirit of Detroit.  That’s what’s happening right now.”

Roginson is also convinced people will enjoy the atmosphere and the beer he plans to make here.

“There is something novel about the small batch, the boutique, the real kind of thoughtful batches of beer and everything being handcrafted by one person, but in addition, we’re to make good beer.”

If all goes as planned, Roginson hopes to power his first beer for Batch Brewing Company, in this space, by the end of the year.





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