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Our Person of the Week gives food and more to the homeless

February 22 2013 | no comments

Three days a week he makes lunch and then heads downtown.  He isn’t going to work.  He’s going to help others.

It has become almost routine for Larry Oleinick to work with friends and relatives on a bag-lunch production line.  They call this mission “Heart to Hart because many of the lunches will be handed out to homeless and hungry men and women at Hart Plaza.

Oleinick told us, “Back in June of last year I had some free time during the day and I decided I was going to go to Sam’s Club and purchase some food and water and stuff and take it downtown and give it out to some people at the Hart Plaza with a little conversation.”

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at lunchtime people begin to assemble to receive one of the lunches.  Larry knows the people can use the food, but he thinks he and his group offer even more, “Sometimes we bring down socks, sometimes we bring down underwear and its more of less just trying to connect with them and show them there’s some consistency in their lives.”

Right now the group hands out 12 to 18 meals during each visit.  They hope to be able to increase the number of meals and the number of days a week they deliver.

Oleinick has a history of volunteering.  He says it’s something he learned from his parents.

As for the people he serves, “If you go downtown, many people see these people sitting or standing and sleeping and they just walk right by them and we just walk right to them.”

Click here for more information…or to help.

So for using he spare time to provide food and conversation to others, we name Larry Oleinick our Detroit 2020 Person of the Week.

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