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Our Person of the Week found a new way to fight blight

February 15 2013 | no comments

The City of Detroit has a new way to fight blight, thanks to a 24-year businessman who saw a problem and decided to find a solution.

His plan was unveiled yesterday, and because of his determination and effort, we’re naming him our Detroit 2020 person of the week.

One of the most interesting things to come out of the state of the city speech this week was the announcement of the Detroit Blight Authority and its chairman Bill Pulte.

Pulte told Detroit 2020, “There was an article written in the Free Press about a young girl who walks to school every day in fear for her life.  I said, how am I so lucky that I don’t have to worry about that.  But I am lucky that I’ve got a granddad who built a very large business focused on land clearing, so I said ‘Is there a way I could help?’”

Bill Pulte’s grandfather is the founder of Pulte homes.  But young Bill’s Blight Authority has no interest in owning the land or building on it.  They merely wanted to come up with a more efficient, less expensive way to clear blighted areas.

Pulte showed us how we can see all the land that is cleared away.  “You can see all the way over here and it changes the community and we’re just hoping this pilot program can be scaled across the city.”

Pulte’s team cleared ten blocks in ten days.  They used private money to demolish the houses for half the usual cost.

He said, “We feel pretty good that the cost structure, Detroit could be helped a lot better if we can reduce the cost of blight elimination.”

Bill Pulte is part of a new generation looking for new ways to get things done.

For his commitment to working to solve one of Detroit’s biggest problems, we recognize Bill Pulte as our Detroit 2020 person of the week

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