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Shinola is poised to be the newest Detroit brand

February 13 2013 | 2 comments

It’s the type of painstaking and detailed work that likely has never been done in the U.S., certainly not in Detroit–until now.

Movement assembly is taking place for high end watches– watches built in Detroit.

Heath Carr, C.O.O of Shinola told us, “By and large, all watches are made either in Switzerland or in Asia, specifically China, and Made in the USA is something that hasn’t been done for a while.”

Carr says, “The time is now.”

The company’s line of watches will debut in the middle of June.

Carr says “They’re beautiful products, beautifully designed, handcrafted, high quality.”

The watches will range in price from $475 to $1000.  The initial plan is to make half a million timepieces–and grow production from there.

Shinola purchased the name of the defunct shoe polish company–and now they’re putting a shine on new Made in the USA products.

The company is also assembling bicycles here in Detroit.  They’ll be selling those online and through retail outlets, along with leather journals and other leather products.

According to Carr, “Bringing it back home, we think is important. I think it’s important to the consumer and then as we take this brand around the world, the fact that it’s a high quality product will also resonate with the consumer.”

The company is housed on the fifth floor of the College for Creative Studies building in the new center area.

Carr moved here from Dallas to start Shinola.

There are 25 Detroit employees now with plans to hire more.

“I would like to say Detroit found us because everything kind of fell in place for us to be able to build this factory and start telling our story from here.”   Carr thinks the Shinola story is a unique one, “It will capture people’s attention. It’s up to us to deliver a beautiful, quality product, which I’m confident we will do.”

In another 60 days complete watch assembly will begin and then the Shinola brand, built in Detroit, will be sold around the world.

Click here to go to the Shinola website.


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  1. Al March 15, 2013

    I am not a business man nor anything close to a marketing executive. The watch you advertised in the US Today looks like a real classic. I checked the prices and the cheapest watch is $400+. With so many people carrying cell/iPhones, why would the average person pay so much for wrist decoration. I guess you are after an exclusive market. Whatever the market may be, I wish you good fortune.


  2. Ron March 17, 2013

    I’m a watch lover
    Yours looks interesting
    Please get info to me when it’s available
    Good luck


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