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Will 50 Detroit Parks remain closed? That’s up to us!

February 06 2013 | no comments

Last week Detroit City Council failed to vote on the lease deal with the state for Belle Isle.  Mayor Dave Bing reacted by announcing the closing of 50 city parks and the reduction of services at others.

But it wasn’t clear exactly what that would mean to the citizens, especially the children, of Detroit.

For now, Rosemont-Acacia park slumbers under the cover of a blanket of snow.  But will there be a spring for this green space on Detroit’s northwest side?

For now, Trina Tucker, who oversees the city’s Adopt-A-Park program says no,  “Unfortunately this beautiful park will be closed, which means the gates will be closed, it will no longer be cut, the children will not have access to the park.”

It’s one of 50 parks that will be closed to save the city more than $6 million dollars.

Tucker says, “We don’t have the staff, we don’t have the equipment anymore to maintain these parks.”

Rosemont-Acacia Park sits right on the border of two of the five neighborhoods that make up Grandmont Rosedale.

If kids are to use the playscape this spring, it will be because people who care step in to help.

Among other things, Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation buys up foreclosed homes, refurbishes them and then re-sells them, all to keep this neighborhood strong and vibrant.  The organization plans to take action to make sure the park stays open as well.

Tom Goddeeris, executive director of the GRDC  told us, “It’s an asset now and we want to keep it that way.”

The community is already invested in the park, coming up with the money to buy the benches and the playground equipment.

Goddeeris says, “I know that there’ve already been discussions about raising money to do the grass cutting that needs to be done and then there’s already ongoing efforts to bring volunteers there to pick up litter and things like that.”

That’s encouraging news to Tucker,  “I would hope this community would step up and volunteer, adopt it.  I’m willing, able to sign off on it for adoption.”

Spring will come for at least one park.

You can get more information on adopting a park by calling 313 530-5164 or

by email at





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