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Blighted homes in Detroit being demolished at faster pace

January 24 2013 | no comments

The City of Detroit is picking up the pace of house demolitions.  The race is on to spend $13.5 Million of federal money be February 13th.

It’s a matter of use it or lose it.

Detroit 2020 was on hand as Mayor Dave Bing checked out the progress.

The work began at 8:00am.  Plans called for 18 houses in the Cody Rouge area on Detroit’s west side to be demolished by the end of the day.  Several contractors each had lists of four or five houses to tear down.

Mayor Dave Bing told us the city is on target to complete the 10,000 demolitions he promised during his term.  He also said, “We have the money to get to 10,000.  I think as we get beyond that, I’ll be going down, hopefully in the next 30 days to Washington to try to get some more money because this can’t stop.

And with a financial deadline looming, the pace of work is ramping up.

Nate Ford, Director of the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental administration, says, “This is just the sprint to the finish line, if you will.  Our demolition efforts are ramped up significantly.  We’re averaging 20-25 a day going into the final stretch.

Much is the work is being done in targeted areas such as the Cody Rouge, Osborn and Denby areas.

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