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Kresge Foundation pledges $150 Million to Detroit Future City

January 09 2013 | no comments

The Detroit Future City plan was formally announced today.  It was the result of hundreds of meetings, 30,000 conversations and two years of work by the Detroit Works Long Term Planning team.

Planners hope the document serves as a transformative blueprint for Detroit’s future.  Detroit Future City is a vision for re-imagining Detroit over the next 50 years.

The Kresge Foundation is endorsing the plan with a huge investment.

Rip Rapson, President and CEO of The Kresge Foundation says, “What we’re going to do over the next five years is dedicate every single dollar that we spend in Detroit to this plan.  Today we’re committing $150 million to the implementation of this plan.”

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing got the ball rolling more than two years ago.  Conversations with community stakeholders followed and planners have now put the finishing touches on a comprehensive plan to move the city forward.  At a news conference today the mayor said, “The work really starts today.  We’ve planned for two years.  We’ve got a lot of recommendations.  We’ve got a lot of data and now we’re ready to move forward.”

The plan offers five recommendations:

*Landscapes as 21st Century Infrastructure

*Investment in 7 Employment Districts

*The plan supports a Network of New and Existing Neighborhood Types

*It encourages the creation of a New and Diverse Open Space System for the City and

*Calls for a Change in transportation routes in the city to meet the needs of residents.

According to Bishop Edgar Vann, “The level of investment, the level of excitement, the level of potential is very, very high and I’m excited.  I’m excited we’ve got to make some new strides in Detroit.

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