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Our Person of the Week Guides Young Women Toward a Promising Future

January 04 2013 | no comments

Our Detroit 2020 Person of the Week is someone we’ve run into several times over the last few months.

We selected her because the work she’s doing now is likely to pay off by the year 2020.

The first time we met Lynn Burdell was when the Detroit 2020 team was on a tour of the Don Bosco hall in the Cody Rouge neighborhood of Detroit.

Lynn is director of the Community Resource Center which provides access to cultural arts, educational, recreational and family support programs.  There are the traditional youth programs like basketball and after-school tutoring.  And, according to Lynn,”We have other more innovative type programs that are our graphic design, our robotics, we have the College for Creative Studies that teaches art, we have Pewabic Pottery that teaches pottery and actual skills in those areas.”

She was also part of a meeting between the Detroit 2020 team and community leaders from Cody Rouge.

But what impressed us most about Lynn was what happened the evening after that meeting.

She brought a group of about 20 young women to tour the channel seven studios as part of a developing partnership between Cody rouge and Detroit 2020.  It was part of a mentoring program.

“What we do is develop a curriculum around things we think they need to know and around things they want to know,” Lynn explained

The girls have attended plays together,  they’ve met with professional women in the community.  Now they’re planning an outing to an Alvin Ailey dance performance.  But the program is about more then field trips.

“I wanted them to have a place where they could come and feel safe, learn, be exposed to get an opportunity to see other women to model and mimic and at the same time be comfortable enough to tell us things that they might not be comfortable saying to someone else and knowing that no matter what happens we will be there for them.”

So for being there for the next generation, we recognize Lynn Burdell as our Detroit 2020 Person of the Week.



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