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Ready for Christmas

December 21 2012 | no comments

Today like yesterday, for over 100 years, The Church of the Sweetest Heart of Mary is still what she has always been– beautiful.

Dennis Felcyn calls is a special and spiritual place.  He says, “When people come in here their jaw just drops and it’s magnificent.  All the chandeliers, they’re Tiffany chandeliers.  All the pews are oak pews.  Everything you see in here is original, what it looked like 120 years ago—everything was top notch.”

And maybe nobody knows this place better than Dennis Felcyn.  From the top of the bell towers to inside the Opus Two organ, his job is to maintain a spiritual and architectural masterpiece.

He told us each of the chandeliers has 40 bulbs in them, “The dome itself has 470 bulbs in the dome and I’ve changed every single one of them.”

Dennis’ family has been part of Sweetest Heart from the beginning.  Even though he has been in this church thousands of times its effect on him has not diminished.

Dennis says, “Every time I come in here, the place has got such a special feeling to me when I come into the church, I can’t explain it but it just has that special feel to it.”

From the ceilings to the candles, no detail escapes Dennis’ attention especially during the Christmas season.

Christmas is a very special time for Sweetest Heart of Mary and for Dennis, “We leave our Christmas decorations up until February 2 so everybody can enjoy all of our stuff.  I mean it’s magnificent.”

The church is filled on Christmas, and while it doesn’t see those kinds of crowds every Sunday, Dennis Felcyn will make sure that Sweetest Heart of Mary Church is ready. “I’d like to see us have 1500 people all year on every given Sunday; it would be a beautiful thing. That would be my hope and prayer.  Who wouldn’t want to come to a beautiful place like this?”

Sweetest Heart of Mary Church is located at 4440 Russell at E. Canfield in Detroit.

Click here to go to the church’s website.

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