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Our Person of the Week Helps Others Succeed

November 30 2012 | no comments

Detroit 2020 first met David Broner when we did a story on elementary school tutors.  He volunteers every Tuesday at Emerson Elementary in Detroit where he works with Pre-K students and coordinates the other 25 volunteers.

But this week we’re recognizing him for one of his other volunteer activities — mentoring for SCORE.  He told us, “SCORE is the volunteer section of the Small Business Association and in the Detroit chapter there are about 80 people who are mentoring.”

One of the people David mentors is Jason Berke.  Jason’s Company, Living Healthy Products, sells dozens of different items.  He sells to Sears and Amazon and medical sites like Allegro Medical.

Jason has had good success as an entrepreneur, but he’s ready to take his business to the next level.  That’s where David Broner comes in.

Jason knows that, “Going from an entrepreneur to a CEO is a big jump” and he welcomes all the help he can get.

Among other things, David is giving Jason advice on the marketing of one of his products, the Better Sleep Pillow.

The pillow is designed for people who like to sleep with their arm under their pillow.

David says his role is, “Basically to listen and coach.  We don’t do any of the work, we guide and we have workshops on financial planning, marketing, how to write a business plan, how to set up a website, anything that the entrepreneur can use.”

Two years ago David retired from his family’s distribution business.  That gave him more time to devote to his volunteer activities.  He says, “I get to work with people that have ideas and from some of my experience, I’ve been through some of their situations and I can help them with that and I’m a good listener.”

So, for volunteering his time to guide the next generation of entrepreneurs, we select David Broner as our Detroit 2020 Person of the Week.

Click here for more information on the SCORE program.

This link can be used to learn more, to volunteer or to find out how to sign up to be mentored.

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