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University Of Detroit Mercy Opens First New Building In 42 Years

November 27 2012 | no comments

It features all the amenities of the local “Y” or a private fitness center. Weights, treadmills, ellipticals and so much more. And it’s right in the middle of the University of Detroit Mercy campus.

“It’s a great building so it just shows the steps we’re taking into the future.” said UDM student Nora Abolins. The 40,000 square foot fitness center is the University’s first new building in 42 years.

In the first few months since its opening—it has become a centerpiece of campus and a popular gathering spot for students.

“It’s also a great facility from the fitness center we had before, with the track and the gymnasium, students can really get out and sort of work on their fitness now,” Abolins said. “I know there’s Zumba, core classes, some cardio. I’ve got a lot of friends who play in the intramural down in basketball and volleyball, so, it really does become a social scene,” Abolins told Detroit 2020.

That’s exactly what University President Antoine Garibaldi hoped the new facility would achieve. “This is really the trend. You cannot have a University campus unless you have a recreation center because students expect it, and I’m saying students, not just the traditional-age students, but graduate students and professional students,” Garibaldi said.  “It really is a hub of activity and that’s really what we want it to be for the future.”

Phase two of the project calls for the addition of a Natatorium for use by students, faculty & staff. “We want more students to live on campus so they don’t have to commute. And by having an additional facility, we’ve made not only investments in the student fitness center, but also in our dining halls so that students have more food options, they have healthy food options, as well as a place for them to really stay around,” Garibaldi told Detroit 2020.

Click here to go to the student fitness center webpage.




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