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Our Person Of The Week Continues Thanksgiving Tradition

November 16 2012 | 1 comment

The kitchen at Leon’s Family Dining Restaurant in Dearborn is always busy.  The restaurant, part of a family owned group of restaurants, serves about 500 people a day.

That’s on a typical day.

Next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, will definitely not be typical — but it will be traditional.

Wednesday will be the restaurant’s 21st annual free Thanksgiving dinner for the needy, homeless, seniors and regular customers.

Samir Leon is the owner.  He expects to serve at least 4500 dinners on Wednesday.

That means cooking 450 turkeys, 550 pumpkin pies and enough mashed potatoes, dressing and green beans to feed the crowd that will likely line up past the parking lot on Michigan Avenue.

Leon says, “We will have over 80 volunteers.  All my servers will be here free.  They do not charge me on that day, the volunteer their time.”

The staff will work day and night beginning the Friday before the dinner to get everything ready in time.

Leon does this because he says God has blessed him.  He struggled with the Dearborn restaurant for three years and couldn’t make a go of it.  He was about to close the doors.  Then, he says, God came to him in a dream, “And he told me what to do with this location — to remodel it and change the whole atmosphere of the place.  I did and He gave me the best business I ever had and turned it around.”

That year, to show his gratitude, Leon began the Thanksgiving tradition.  He told us, “I promised the Lord as long as I’m alive and I’m in business this will be my tradition every year.”

The free dinners will be served Wednesday, November 21 from 2-8pm.  The restaurant is at 23830 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn.  Free dinners will also be served at the Leon’s restaurant in Taylor.  That address is 8787 Telegraph Rd

For feeding thousands of people every Thanksgiving, Detroit 2020 names Samir Leon our Person of the Week

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  1. Amid Yousef November 18, 2012

    Samir Leon is such a special and Generous person… I’ve known him since I was a little boy ( he is from Kafroon – my village ) we are all proud of him….


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