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Moving Forward On New International Crossing

November 07 2012 | 1 comment

The resounding defeat of Proposal 6 clears one hurdle, and Governor Snyder and the Canadian government are pushing forward with the new international crossing.

“The sooner we can build that bridge, the better off we are about creating jobs–so that was a great clear and resounding answer on Proposal 6,” Governor Snyder said.

A next step involves permits and regulatory approval from the federal government…a process that is underway.

“So anytime we get those permits in place, which could again happen anytime over the next few months to the next half year or so, then hopefully we can move forward and start getting shovels in the ground,” Snyder said.

Still, that could take two to three years.  And the Ambassador Bridge Company may still have something to say about the construction timetable.

Detroit 2020′s Dave LewAllen asked Mickey Blashfield of The People Should Decide that pushed for Proposal 6 if he will try to stop any progress toward a new crossing.

“We haven’t ultimately discussed that or made decisions with that,” Blashfield said. “Nothing’s been stopping the Governor from going forward. He’s gotta make his rhetoric meet up with his reality,” Blashfield said.

Ben Bueckert, a trucker prepping his rig for a trip across the bridge, says a new crossing would make his life easier. “With the road system that they’re starting now in Ontario that would make it freeway right to the bridge which would make it much, much faster, much easier.” Bueckert said.

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  1. Kevin in the Shores November 21, 2012

    The one thing I don’t agree with Rick on, and probably never will! How can it create jobs when ultimitly it will cost others to lose theirs? A few thousand contractor jobs will be created during he building process but when the other bridge has to close, the plus and minus job count will be a wash. I don’t care weher a truck driver can save 10 minutes off his drive time, the real wait is always with the Border Patrol inspections. I think the governor took a personal interest against Mr. Moroun. To “one-up” his predacessers, it’s his casino.


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