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New “Opportunity Made in Detroit” campaign debuts in World Series game

October 29 2012 | no comments

In the midst of World Series Game 4, while many Detroit fans may have felt a little dejected, there was a commercial designed to make Detroiters — and the world — look at our city in a new and positive light.

A 60-second commercial, “Opportunity Made in Detroit” debuted during the game.  The commercial features the music and voice of staunch Detroit supporter, Kid Rock.  Images of Detroit icons, as well as technology start-up businesses were featured.  The theme is “Opportunity Made in Detroit”  and it shows how many factors are coming together to redefine a great American city.

The spot proclaims:

The commercial features the music and voice of Detroit native Kid Rock, and proclaims:


It doesn’t stare you in the face.

It’s not going to yell at you to come ‘n get it.  

It doesn’t knock. 

So what does opportunity look like?   

Not what you might think.

You see, opportunity is not a right. It’s definitely not equal.

And it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

That’s because opportunity isn’t found.

It’s molded. It’s built. It’s created.

It’s as much about grit as it is intellect.

An explosive high-tech corridor located at the intersection of muscle and brains?
You bet. Because opportunity only comes to those already in the game.


What does opportunity look like?

It looks like Detroit.

And opportunity is made in Detroit.

Click here to learn more about the “Opportunity Made in Detroit” campaign.


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