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Our Persons Of The Week Help Others See More Clearly

September 28 2012 | no comments

Learning to read is tough enough for adults but when middle age hits just seeing the words on the page can be difficult.

Ann Marie Roy of Oakland Optometry says, “As a small business owner of an optical practice, we thought maybe there would be a great opportunity to get involved with providing reading glasses or prescription glasses.”

So Ann Marie talked with a colleague, Christine Kirchhoff, who works for a company that fills eyeglass prescriptions.  Christine explained, “Essilor is a corporation with many divisions and one of them happens to be a company that makes and sells reading glasses and they were kind enough to donate 1200 pairs to our cause.”

The reading glasses came in a variety of strengths and were distributed to the nine literacy centers that are associated with Reading Works.

There were boxes of glasses and the ladies worked with each of the adults through a vision reading card to match them with appropriate reading classes.  They were a bit surprised at just how many of the students needed vision help.

Christine told us the students were thrilled with their glasses, “They were thrilled to have their own glasses with a case to take home with them.  And it was just gratifying to be able to do that.  And they were really appreciative.”

And so are we.  That’s why we’re naming Ann Marie Roy and Christina Kirchhoff our Detroit 2020 Persons of the Week.

If you’d like to nominate a Person of the Week, go to the comment section below!

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