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Adult Illiteracy Story Can Have a Happy Ending

September 18 2012 | no comments

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted very much to read.  Her name was Kristina and she went to school to learn.

Kristina said,”I can remember me and my mother up all night trying to remember spelling words and just going over them over and over again.”

But a secret demon kept Kristina from her goal.   Kristina was dyslexic.

“It’s not that I didn’t want to learn, it’s just that  they didn’t know how to help me get what I needed out of it.”

Kristina finished grade school.  Then high school.  She even began college.  Kristina was a good student – but she just couldn’t read.

“I needed some skills and I wasn’t getting them.”

Kristina didn’t let the demon get her down.  Her mother even said it was a blessing.

“It was a lot of pain. It was a lot of tears at night. It was a lot of secrecy.  It was being ashamed of something my mom always said was a gift, but I’m like ‘it’s a curse.’  Are you serious?”

But just as she was about to sink into despair, Kristina found her fairy godmother.  She was a tutor with a state run program.

“I loved the one on one’” Kristina exclaimed!

Then she found a second princess.  Her name is Teetrick Wilson and she’s a tutor with Dominican Literacy Center.

“Here at Dominican we’re working on my sounds, we’re working on my writing skills and I pick up on a lot of my own mistakes now because I have the time to just take for me.”

It hasn’t been easy.  Kristina and Teetrick have both committed years to the process.

Kristina has been at Dominican six years, “Not knowing I would be here this long, but if I missed about 12 years worth of schooling I have to catch up a lot.”

Kristina has improved so much, the folks at Dominican hired her full time in their office where she  works with new students.

“One thing I can say is it’s good to work with a program that knows your situation.  There are so many tricks of the trade you can do to learn.”

So now Kristina, who left high school reading at  fifth grade level, is hoping to get her bachelor’s degree.  Tutoring has made all the difference.

” I’m doing excellent.  I’m more confident because at that time I knew there were still things I needed to clear up.  But  when you have that one-on-one tutoring and someone is really working at your pace you learn so much better.”

Kristina is not only reading, she’s writing.

“I also have a book that will be coming out soon.”

The book has a happy ending.  It is the story of her life.

“Because there are so many people out there who cannot read and they’re just scared.  They’re scared to get help or they just want to fall back on the system.  But you can do it. I just want to help a lot of people to let them know.  Yes. I’m still here.”

And we know she’ll read happily ever after.








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