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New Funding Commitments For Detroit Science Center

September 07 2012 | no comments

The Detroit Science Center could come back to life under a new name.

WXYZ.COM has confirmed, there are funding commitments for the Detroit Science Center from some big name companies, including GM and Ford.  In fact, General Motors tells us the GM Foundation is pledging funds for the effort.

A spokesperson for the Detroit Science Center would not confirm the numbers. But she says the funding support is significant.

The new facility would be called “The Michigan Science Center.”

The Detroit Science Center once hosted thousands of kids every year, but financial troubles forced it to close.

There has been a big fundraising push going on for over a year, and supporters appear to be getting closer to turning the lights back on at the venue.

However, it’s important to note that the  funding commitments are only promises.  The Center has not  yet received any actual money to hire staff and make other preparations.

The board put in place to revive the Science Center will meet Monday September 10th to discuss the future. Right now, there is not set date for the facility to reopen.

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