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Is the Avenue of Fashion Fashionable Again?

August 03 2012 | no comments

The strip of Livernois between McNichols and Eight Mile has historically been known as the Avenue of Fashion.  Over the years that area lost a lot of its style.  But things may be beginning to look up again on Livernois.  Detroit 2020 was invited on a tour of that special strip.

The Flagship Boutique on Livernois has only been open a few weeks.  But co-owner Ty Haygood is excited about everything that’s going on around him.  He says, “We weren’t around when the Avenue of Fashion was thriving but we’ve heard stories and we’re on a historical space.  People who were around at the time come in and are excited to see a fresh new shop here.

Mayor Dave Bing was one of the people who spent time on the Avenue of Fashion during its heyday.  He told Detroit 2020, “When I first came to this city the Avenue of Fashion was where it was happening.”

Today the mayor was part of a special bus tour that took him back to the avenue along with a lot of the area’s backers — including the presidents of two of the main anchor institutions — University of Detroit Mercy and Marygrove College.

After tours of the two campuses, the group walked the legendary street.  There was a stop at Noni’s Sherwood Grill, a newly constructed restaurant where the mayor talked about the street’s future, “We’re going to continue to invest in this area and bring it back.”

The street is in one of the three Detroit Works demonstration areas.

Within a few steps, the group could see boutiques and other busy restaurants, like the 1917 American Bistro.  Even empty shops are being boarded up and then painted, or covered in art so they don’t appear empty.

The Avenue of Fashion may never be what it once was, but it just might become something even better.

If you’re considering a visit, tomorrow, August 4, may be a good time.  The fifth Jazz on the Ave program will be going on.  Click here for more information.

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