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New Agreement Aimed At Improving Education In Detroit

May 30 2012 | no comments


An agreement expected to affect all students in the city of Detroit was announced today at the Mackinac Policy Conference.

Detroit Public Schools emergency manager Roy Roberts, along with the head of the New Education Achievement Authority, John Covington, and Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers Chairman Lawrence Wells signed the agreement that is is anticpated to affect all 98,700 students in Detroit.

It calls for all schools to reach minimum achievement or growth standards that are consistent with a common definition of college readiness and grade level proficiency.


According to the Detroit Public Schools, the school leaders agreed:

•          All schools should be held accountable for academically preparing students for success in college, work and life, and demonstrating improved academic achievement for all groups of students.

•          All schools should adopt a common approach for measuring the academic growth and achievement of their students. Specifically, all schools should measure student performance using a growth-to-achievement standard assessment beginning in Fall 2012.

•          All schools will annually strive to prepare students to meet grade level achievement targets or achievement standards consistent with a common definition of college readiness and grade level proficiency.

The agreement runs minimally through 2014.

All Detroit schools serving students in grades 2-8 will annually administer one of the following web-based, computer adaptive tests during a common fall and spring testing window:

•          Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP) by Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA); or

•          Scantron Performance Series® by Global Scholar


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