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Bruce Millan Of The Detroit Repertory Theatre Is Our Person Of The Week

May 11 2012 | no comments

This week, Detroit 2020 is focusing on the arts. The Detroit Repertory Theatre has been going strong for more than five decades.

The Rep casts its productions without regard to race and even gender.

One of the people who started it all–back in 1957–was Bruce Millan. He’s the theatre’s Artistic/Managing Director, and Detroit 2020′s Person of the Week.

The Detroit Repertory Theatre stands out like an oasis on Woodrow Wilson, just off the Lodge Freeway in Detroit.

“We feel we have some loyal supporters and we get new supporters all the time.” said Millan.

And those supporters are showcased on the wall…inside the comfortable bar where play-goers can also enjoy homemade soup and cookies.

In the theatre, there’s nearly 200 seats. The last two seasons, more than 60-thousand people have been in those seats…seeing some of the four major productions each year…each one running about eight weeks.

On stage, the audience sees how through its casting, the Rep is breaking down barriers.

“What we do and how we do it is just plain good theatre without regard to usual stereotypes,” said Millan.

“For two hours you come here and you sit down and you see that kind of unity in action and how powerful it can be. And you say well if I can suspend my disbelief for two hours in the theatre, what can’t I suspend my disbelief when I go back out into the real world so to speak,” Millan told Detroit 2020.

Millan’s theatre is a survivor.

The riots.  The decay of the neighborhood. Cuts in funding for the arts.

The Rep is the only professional local union theatre in the city of Detroit…and Millan emphasizes—he’s very proud of the quality of the work

So take a bow, Bruce Millan. You’re Detroit 2020’s Person of the Week.

To learn more about the Detroit Repertory Theatre and its performances, go to our website, Detroit

And if you’d like to nominate a Detroit 2020 Person of the week, Detroit 2020 dot com is the place to go.

Click here to go to the Detroit Repertory Theatre website for information about performances, its history, and more!





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