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Campaigning For Change

May 07 2012 | no comments

Politics don’t get any more grassroots than a scene played out in Detroit neighborhoods this weekend.   Andrae Townsel hit the streets  armed with a passion for Detroit, a profound disappointment in what’s happened to it and a conviction that he can fix it.

“My name is Andrae Townsel and I aspire to be the next mayor of the city of Detroit,”  That was Andrae’s message to potential voters.


That’s right, Andrae Townsel launched his campaign for Detroit Mayor this weekend.

He’s got no campaign war chest or political machine behind him, just a story to tell.

“I’m a doctoral student and an educator in Washington D.C. but born and raised off of Ashton St.,” He told residents.  “I was born and raised here, went to Cooke elementary school, went to Cass Tech and want to pursue being a servant leader for my community.”

Is it a crazy idea?  Andrae prefers to think of it a little differently,  “It’s a challenging idea. I get mixed emotions from my peer colleagues and mentors but it’s a challenge I’m willing to take on.”

“I know myself, ” Andrae told us.  “People who are close to me know me. I just need the general public to know who I am. I think if they look at what’s inside of me they’ll be satisfied with my leadership.”

We first noticed Andrae a year and a half ago as “Draetown” in a rap video about the Detroit he loves.  It’s called City of Gold.

Andrae went away to college at Howard University.  He’s a school administrator and high school football coach in D.C. as he works on his doctorate.  But he wants to bring his wife and new son back to his city — the City of Gold he knows it can be.

“Me being a product of the city of Detroit, being born here, I felt it and a lot of our hearts are broken. It can be mended. Have a little bit of faith.”

Click here for more information on Andrae Townsel’s campaign.

Click here for a link to the City of Gold video.












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