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How Big Success Became A Big Problem

April 03 2012 | no comments

Why is Detroit in a financial crisis?

Check out “What Happened To Detroit? A Three-Minute History Of How Big Success Became A Big Problem.”

In a departure from its normal election-based sample ballot, but an expansion of our local voter education efforts, Publius created an animation for Detroit residents to outline some of the complex policy decisions and history behind the financial crisis.

Click here to see the animation on

About Publius: is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1996 to explore the impact of the Internet on democracy and develop web-based tools to enhance the exchange of ideas and information. Publius began by consolidating election-related web sites to make it easier for voters to find the election information they need.

In 1998, Publius developed an interactive web tool to allow residents to access their voter registration status and obtain candidate information. With the assistance of the Secretary of State’s Bureau of Elections, Publius had created the world’s first online ballot generator based on the voter registration information supplied by the state’s Qualified Voter File.

Publius continues to evolve based on the principle of creating tools to make the time citizens interact with government as effective as possible. We pound the pavement, make calls, and ask lots of questions in order to consolidate all the information citizens need to vote, and then we create an intuitive system to access it.


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