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The Ideal Donor

March 09 2012 | 1 comment


Giving back. It’s what the Frank Venegas, chairman of The Ideal Group in Southwest Detroit, believes in. He’s making a real difference in the lives of students.

He’s Detroit 2020’s Person of the week.



The Ideal Group makes and distributes things like protective barrier products and provides construction services.

Not far away from Ideal is Detroit Cristo Rey High School.

During a visit to the school, he noticed there were not enough computers.

So Frank Venegas acted.

He bought each student an iPad. One for each of the 46 seniors at Cristo Rey.

He also bought one for each teacher and administrator.  62 iPads in all.

“I think it’s worked out just great for everyone because they not only have an opportunity to use it at school, they use it at home, and they network with each other and help each other with homework…it’s just been incredible,” Venegas told Detroit 2020.

When the students got their iPads—they had to sign a contract—to retake the ACT test…and that they would apply to college by the end of 2011.

So what happened?

ACT scores went up…and 92 percent of the seniors at Cristo Rey have been accepted to college.

“We feel each of our students is ready to go to college and compete academically, and that gift of the ipad had a lot to do with it,” said Mike Khoury, President of Detroit Cristo Rey High School.

That’s not all Venegas and The Ideal Group does for Cristo Rey.

The company also participates in the school’s corporate work sponsor program.

One day a week, a student works at Ideal…and the company pays for their tuition for that part of the year.

Click here to go to The Ideal Group website.

Click here to go to the Detroit Cristo Rey website.

If you’d like to nominate a Detroit 2020 Person of the Week, you can do so in the comment section below.





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  1. E. Isai March 14, 2012

    I had the pleasure of working for Mr. Venegas many years ago. He reminds me so much of my dad. A man who will “give you the clothes off his back.” The Bible speaks how angels actually walk on the earth but, in human form. If you’ve EVER had the chance to walk with Frank Venegas…’ve walked with one of God’s angels!

    Congratulations, Mr. Venegas!


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