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Our Person of the Week is All Business

January 27 2012 | no comments

Even on a snowy January morning, volunteer members of the CEM Business Association Clean Team are on the streets in the E. Warren/Cadieux area.

CEM stands for the Cornerstone, East English Village and Morningside neighborhoods on Detroit’s east side.  The Director of CEM Business Association is Terri Shaw, our Detroit 2020 person of the week.


Terri is a resident of East English Village.  In 2007 she looked around her neighborhood and noticed boarded up businesses, trash and graffiti.  So she joined the group that formed the CEM Business Association.

She told us, “We help the city by cutting vacant lots, boarding up vacant buildings, painting over graffiti.  We also clean the streets, adopt bus shelters and adopt the parks in the community.

The goal is to provide a business community where residents will want to shop.  So Terri rolls up her sleeves and pitches in wherever she can.

“I organize the volunteers, I make phone calls, I go to city council meetings, talk to community organizations about CEM Business Association.

Business leaders from the area admire her efforts.  They told us she is energetic, ambitious, dedicated and a powerhouse.

There are about 30 businesses currently in the association.  They each pay $125 a year which goes to buy cleaning supplies.  Last year volunteers logged 2,300 hours.

Scott Hayes of Universal Ambulance says Terri, “Keeps the lights on, she keeps the garbage off the streets.  It not only helps the neighborhoods, it helps our business.

So we are making Terri Shaw our Detroit 2020 Person of the Week.

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