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Event Will Celebrate Diversity Of Metro Detroit

January 17 2012 | no comments


Detroit Harmonie has announced plans for the second annual International Experience on Saturday, March 3rd, at the Virgil H. Carr Arts League of Michigan located in downtown Detroit’s Harmonie Park.

The International Experience event celebrates the diversity of metro Detroit through live entertainment, food, and music representing several cultures within the community.

Detroit Harmonie will hand out $50,000 in grants to 11 pre-selected social entrepreneurs in two ways:

>The Get Funded Challenge, a competitive pitch process where five finalists will compete to win $45,000.

>The People’s Choice Award, where all 11 organizations will be eligible for $5,000 based on online and event attendee voting.

Last year’s inaugural International Experience drew more than 400 people.

“The idea for Detroit Harmonie came about because we saw a couple major disconnects,” said Jordan Wolfe, Detroit Harmonie co-founder. ”First, most major cities have natural diversity and that is a real draw for young people. Detroit has the diversity, the communities of different cultures, but we don’t interact with one another.  Second,  there are several next-generation led organizations that have gained traction on a grassroots level that are mobilizing communities and creating this environment of natural diversity, but there is no funding mechanism in place for them. This is why we feel Detroit Harmonie is such an important initiative,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe was one of the guests on last year’s Detroit 2020 special, “A Conversation For Change.”

Detroit Harmonie is a 501c3 non-profit organization formed by a group of young leaders across different cultures to break down racial barriers throughout the city of Detroit and create a dynamic place and environment that attracts the next generation.

Click here to go to the Detroit Harmonie website for more information about the International Experience.



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